4-day entrepreneurship workshop for recognized refugees of the HELIOS project

Within the framework of the HELIOS integration project, which is funded by the Ministry of Μigration and Asylum and implemented throughout Greece by IOM, a four-day entrepreneurship workshop took place from April 5 till 8.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Impact Hub Athens and the Kypseli Municipal Market. This initiative is part of a series of events implemented within the pillar of employability of the HELIOS project and addresses recognized refugees, beneficiaries of the project, who expressed interest in the prospect of setting up their own business in Greece.

In light of the above, and with the guidance of IOM’s job counsellors and specialized staff from the Impact Hub Athens, the participants had the opportunity to attend workshops focusing on the Greek economy, they worked on business plan development tools and were informed about the consumer behavior and trends. Finally, they were informed about the procedures of setting up a company in Greece and the responsibilities arising from it.

Present at the event were recognized refugees from Syria and the Republic of the Congo, who are now experienced entrepreneurs and owners of their own businesses in Athens. Participants had the opportunity to talk to them, share their ideas, ask questions and receive valuable advice. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the workshop and those, who wish to proceed with setting up of their own business, will continue to receive support from the HELIOS project.

The workshops were realized with the contribution of IOM interpreters at the historic building of the Impact Hub Athens in Psyrri, meanwhile the event wrapped up at the Kypseli Municipal Market, where participants and organizers visited local entrepreneurs and presented possible business ideas.

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