These reports present and analyze census data from the Services of the Ministry as well as official data from the Greek authorities. The purpose of this report is to analyze the development of issues that pertain to the migration and asylum situation in Greece. It examines parameters such as arrivals, transports, residents, asylum applications and other parameters with regards to third-country nationals that enter Greece. The data are presented on a montly, quartely, semester and yearly bases.

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Data with regards to accommodation requests and referrals for asylum applicants. Data are analyzed according to gender, family type, citizenship and geographical areas.

Requests for Accommodation from Asylum Applicants

Monthly Data of Accommodation Referrals for Young Ages

Nine-Month Data for Accommodation Requests of Asylum Applicants

Quarterly Data of Acommodation Referrals for Young Ages

Yearly data from the Reception and Identification Service with regards to third-country nationals and stateless individuals that enter the Reception and Identification Centers. Data are presented for the total of entrants, for unaccompanied minors, vulnerable individuals, gender, place of registration and nationality. There are also data with regards to referrals and transports of individuals to other services and organizations.

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 Viber Community for Issues of Migration and Asylum

The Ministry of Migration and asylum has created a Viber Community in order to provide accurate and timely information regarding issues of migration and asylum. Please click on the following link, or scan the QR code in order to connect: