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The purpose of the project is the integration of beneficiaries of international and temporary protection and increase beneficiaries’ prospects towards self-reliance, by providing services or activities such as: 

  • accommodation support,
  • integration-related courses (e.g., learning the Greek language, courses in professional skills’ development, etc.).
  • integration in the labor market, through work counseling sessions
  • raise awareness in host communities and promote social cohesion. 

Who can participate in the project: 

1. Beneficiaries of international protection recognized since January 1st, 2018 and who resided (lived) when they received their recognition:

a) in the accommodation systems of the Greek Reception system (Open Accommodation Facilities, Reception and Identification Centers, Hotels, apartments of ESTIA and Pre-removal Detention Center for Aliens) according to records of pertinent bodies that inform IOM or according to documents of proof provided by beneficiaries.  


b) in Official Guest Houses or available programs of protective accommodation that are supported by the Authorities or NGOs (for example individuals of LGBT community, surviving victims of gender-based violence, human trafficking victims, projects for semi-independence living for unaccompanied minors) as confirmed by the competent body.  

2. Since June 20, 2022, eligible to participate in Project HELIOS are also displaced people from Ukraine, who have temporary protection according to a) the Executive Decision (EU) 2022/382 of the European Commission , b) number 131035/22 Ministry Decision of the Minister of Migraiton and Asylum, and   c) Law 4939/22.  For more information press HERE

The HELIOS Project (Hellenic Integration Support for Beneficiaries of International and Temporary Protection):

  • The project is implemented by the International Organization of Migration (IOM) and is funded directly by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.
  • It is a fully-developed program that addresses all adults who are beneficiaries of international protection as well as their families. It addresses beneficiaries of international protection who have received international protection since 01/01/2018 and resided- when they received their international protection in the accommodation facilities of the official reception system (ESTIA program, Filoxenia program, Open Facilities, Reception and Identification Centers, etc.). Since 20/6/2022, the project supports also displaced people from Ukraine, beneficiaries of temporary protection. 

The Ministry of Migration and Asylum funds HELIOS project since the beginning of 2022. The Directorate of Social Integration of the Ministry oversees the physical and financial aspects of the project and ensures that they are effectively implemented.

The implementation of the program started on July 1st, 2019 and is on-going.

The project is designed to accommodate the population of beneficiaries of international and temporary protection in Greece. 

It foresees the provision of accommodation support to 5,000 households which corresponds to 11,200 individuals depending on the composition of each household.

Beneficiaries of the project are tentatively all beneficiaries of international and temporary protection.

You can receive the following forms of support and services when you participate in the project: 

  • support for your accommodation,
  • integration-related educational courses (e.g., lessons in Greek language, courses in professional skills’ development, etc.),
  • support in the process of job seeking, through professional counseling sessions 

Even if you are not a recipient of accommodation support, if you are a beneficiary of international or temporary protection and are registered in the project, you are eligible to:

  • benefit on a voluntary basis from the rest of the services offered by the project such as the integration-related courses and the individual sessions of professional counseling.

The individual sessions of professional counseling include:

  • Identification of needs and interests of participants.
  • Profiling of participants' skills based on the EU Skills Profile Tool.
  • Compensation for the monetary costs associated with acquiring various certifications (e.g., Greek language certificate, drivers’ license, English language certificate, ECDL (computers), and others.
  • Organization of professional events, such as “career days.”
  • Networking with the private sector (employers).
  • Guidance for setting professional goals and professional orientation counseling. Information is also provided with regards to the services offered by OAED, the organization for unemployment/employment in Greece.
  • Information pertaining to the rights and obligations of employees and employers in Greece.

Further, the project also undertakes activities to help inform and raise awareness in local communities, professional unions, and among employers. Such activities may help ensure the best possible conditions for the successful integration of third-country nationals in local communities.

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