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The international protection applicants' cards of beneficiaries of the ESTIA program are being replaced by new (smart) cards

We would like to inform you that the Asylum Service is replacing the old paper version of the international protection applicant’s cards with new cards (smart cards).

If you live in the apartments/housing of the ESTIA program, and you are an applicant of international protection (i.e. your interview or decision of international protection is pending) please search in the following website address your scheduled appointment to change your existing card to the new one :

You can search for your scheduled appointment by entering your case number.

According to the time/date of your scheduled appointment and starting Monday, 27/9/2021, you can visit your designated Asylum Office and replace your paper applicant's card with the new one which will be a smart card. 

When your new card is ready, you will be assigned a Tax Registration Number (ΑΦΜ-AFM) and a Temporary Insurance and Health Care Number of a Foreigner (ΠΑΑΥΠΑ-PAAYPA). The new Ιnternational Protection Applicant's Card, in the form of the smart card that will replace the old ones (triptychs), are issued with a built-in microprocessor and with electronic registration and renewal. They will also include a unique number (UID), which is not modifiable and is related to a fingerprint, while the competent authorities of issuance and issuance will keep an electronic file.  

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