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National Strategy on Migration: Commitments that became a reality

The National Strategy for Migration, as reflected from the first moment that the Government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis took over the reins of the country, is consistent and presents measurable results.

The governmental announcements do not "remain in the words".

We currently complete a modern national reception system, with the new closed controlled access centres, built according to European standards.

Centres that can guarantee the safety of residents, workers, and local communities.

Centres constructed away from urban areas that can offer decent living conditions.

Centres that put a final end to Moria, VIAL, Vathi and a period of international disrepute for our country.

The new centres have separate areas for the general population, vulnerable groups and a Pre-Departure Detention Center for the illegal migrants who have to be returned.

We drastically reduce the effects of the migration crisis on local communities, creating financial tools for the strengthening of services and the construction of infrastructure projects in Municipalities, which within their administrative boundaries operate facilities for hosting migrants.

In this way, the State expresses its tangible gratitude for their priceless contribution to tackle the migration crisis.

We gradually decongest our long-suffering islands, but also the mainland, ensuring an equal distribution of asylum seekers in the regions of the country.

Today, almost all regions of the country host less than 1% of asylum seekers, and that is combines with 80% reduction in migration flows compared to 2019. The fair sharing of burdens was and remains our minimum obligation to the areas that have paid a very high price.

In these two years, our country has regained control of migration, leaving permanently behind distrust and inefficiency in its management.

We plan a "future" based on confidence and optimism.

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