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The Interview

On the date appointed by the Asylum Service, you are going to give an interview to an Asylum Service staff member. The interview is conducted by a competent member, a case handler, who is appropriately qualified.

You will have to answer his/her questions with absolute sincerity, only testify true incidents in full extent and not conceal any information that is relevant to your case. In case you testify false incidents or claims, this will have a negative effect on the judgment upon your case.

During your interview, the Asylum Service staff member will particularly ask you regarding the information you stated in your application form, your identity details, about how you came to Greece, the reasons why you left your country of origin or the country you previously resided in (in case you are a stateless person) as well as the reasons why you cannot or you do not wish to return to that country. During your interview you can add any additional information or evidence you deem as necessary.

A separate interview is conducted for each adult family member. An interview is also conducted for each family member who is underage, taking into consideration their level of maturity and the mental consequences of any traumatic experiences they may have experienced.

An interpreter will also be present during your interview. Interpretation will be provided in a language you comprehend. Interpretation is provided free of charge.

You may attend your interview accompanied by a lawyer or other counselor (physician, psychologist or social worker) whom you must have authorized in writing so that he/she can attend your interview or represent you before the Asylum Service. The fee and other expenses or the lawyer or other counselor will have to be covered by you.

Everything you say during your interview is confidential. There is no case that information will be disclosed to any authority of your country or your persecutors. However, information may be disclosed to other Greek authorities.

Your interview will be audio recorded. The case-handler will compose a text (transcript) that will include all of the questions and answers of the interview. If the interview is not audio recorded, you will have to proof read the text in the transcript, assisted by the interpreter, confirm that all contents are correct or ask for any corrections, and sign it. You may receive a copy of the transcript and/or the audio recording file of your interview after submitting a relevant application. The interview may be conducted via video conference.

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