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The International Protection Interview

The interview is conducted by a competent and qualified Asylum Service official at a date and time set by the Asylum Service. By way of exception, the interview may be conducted remotely, using the appropriate technical means.

You must answer the official’s questions with complete honesty, state only true and complete facts and do not conceal any information relating to your application. Stating untrue facts or allegations will adversely affect the decision on your application.

During the interview, the Asylum Service official will ask you in particular about the information you provide in your application, your identity, how you came to Greece, the reasons why you left your country of origin or the country where you used to live if you are stateless, and the reasons why you cannot or do not wish to return there. During the interview you may add any other information you consider necessary.

A separate interview is conducted for each adult member of the family. For minors, a personal interview shall be conducted taking into account their maturity, the psychological consequences, and their traumatic experiences.

An interpreter will be present at the interview. The interpretation will be in a language you understand. The interpretation service is provided free of charge.

You may attend the interview with a lawyer or other counsellor (physician, psychologist, or social worker), whom you must authorize in writing to be present during your interview or to represent you before the Asylum Service. The fees and expenses of the lawyer or other counsellor will be borne by you.

What you say in the interview is confidential. It will not be disclosed under any circumstances to the authorities of your country of origin. They may, however, be disclosed to other Greek authorities.

The interview is being audio recorded. The official prepares a document (transcript) containing all the questions and answers of the interview. If the interview is not recorded, you should check the transcript with the help of the interpreter, confirm its content or ask for corrections to be made and sign it. You may, upon request, obtain a copy of the transcript and/or the audio recording of your interview. The interview may also be conducted by videoconference.

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