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Ourania Stavropoulou

Permanent Secretary Migration and Asylum


Curriculum Vitae

Ourania Stavropoulou was born in 1963 in Patra and attended the Experimental School of the University of Patra. She has a degree in law from the Law Department of the National University of Athens and a degree in public administration with a concentration in regional development and local government from the National School of Public Administration. She also studied strategy and diplomacy in the Center for Diplomatic & Strategic Studies (Centre d’ Études Diplomatiques & Stratégiques) of the Open University of Paris.

She speaks fluently English and French.

She worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on information campaigns and public relations initiatives.

During her career she served in the following positions:

  • Advisor for the Ministry of Labor for issues of unemployment, exclusion from the workforce, health and security in the workplace, training programs for continuing education, and allocation of European Commission funds pertaining to the labor market
  • Advisor for the Ministry of Aegean responsible for administrative, legal and civil protection issues.
  • Associate of the Hellenic Parliament for issues of support to the parliament and processing of legislative work.

She has also practiced law providing legal services as a lawyer and an advisor in the private sector.

As a permanent state employee of the Ministry of Interior, she managed projects relating to local government, human resources, migration, education and civil status. Further, she represented the Public sector during the first implementation of the Collective Negotiations with state employees.

She has considerable experience in policy for legal migration and asylum having served as a national representative for migration in the European Union. She also worked with international volunteer groups and was a member of the Task Force for Combating Human Trafficking (O.K.E.A.). She managed the project “ENIAS” to enhance the re-entry and readmission procedures in Albania.

She maintains an active collaboration with the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens and the Technology Institute of the University of Piraeus. She also serves as a legal advisor for the Special Account for Research Funds of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on e-governance, network security, regulation of public administration documents and other areas. She participated as an expert consultant in the projects SEED και IMMIGRATION POLICY 1.0 and 2.0.

Mrs Stavropoulou is an instructor of civil status consular issues in the Diplomatic Academy. She has contributed to numerous international and European conferences and seminars for e-governance, information technology and migration. She is the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum since July 2022.


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