Operation of Regional Asylum Offices until 24.5.2021

The Asylum Service informs the public, that in accordance with the measures for protecting the public health and preventing the spread of Covid-19, it can visit Regional Asylum Services only after scheduling an appointment. This includes interviews and registrations.

According to the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision of 13-5-2021, Regional Asylum Offices are going to serve only urgent registrations, as well as notification of decisions, lodging of appeals, delivery of travel documents and deposition of Dublin documents until May 24th 2021. A limited number of interviews will take place only for applicants who have been contacted by phone by Service staff to confirm their interview appointment.

We remind you of the obligation to use a mask inside and outside of the building.

Τέλος, και σύμφωνα με την ως άνω, προβλέπεται η υποχρεωτική προστασία υπαλλήλων που ανήκουν σε ευπαθείς ομάδες αυξημένου κινδύνου με χορήγηση ειδικής άδειας απουσίας και παροχή τηλεργασίας, όπου είναι εφικτό.

Υπενθυμίζουμε την υποχρέωση χρήσης μάσκας από το κοινό και το προσωπικό εντός και εκτός των κτιρίων της Υπηρεσίας.

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