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Entities Representing Third Country Nationals - Recording

Recognized entities representing third-country nationals may be defined as unions or non-profit associations of third-country nationals. An entity of third-country nationals is eligible to take part in the recording as long as its statute has been registered in the competent First Instance Court.

In the context of civil society, recognized entities of third-country nationals are important mediators who play a crucial role in ensuring and promoting the welfare of migrants and refugees.

The Ministry of Migration and Asylum, in an effort to acknowledge all the existing communities of migrants and refugees in Greece, issued on February 12, 2019:

An Open Invitation to Record Recognized Entities Representing Third-Country Nationals.

The role of the Directorate of Social Integration in this initiative is: 

  • continuously record the various recognized entities of third-country nationals,
  • identify and examine the needs and problems faced by recognized refugees or migrants, with regards to their lawful residence in Greece, their education, employment, accommodation and their access to health care services. 
  • provide information to third-country nationals pertaining to their rights and obligations.

The main objective of the recording is to establish the foundation for the mutually beneficial collaboration and communication between migrant-refugee communities and the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

The aims of the recording are: 

  • Provide complete information to third-country nationals as well as competent public bodies and authorities with regards to the activities and issues addressed by recognized entities.

  • Use the information collected to facilitate the design and planning of migration and social integration policies.

  • Support the smooth and balanced integration of refugees and migrants in Greek society.
  • In order to participate in the recording, you must first register the statute of your entity to the competent First Instance Court.
  • The following steps are required in order to participate in the recording: 
  1. “Download” and complete the registration form.
  2. Send via email the completed registration form with the statute of our entity to the following email address of the Directorate of Social Integration:
  • In the registration form you will be asked to provide general information on your entity such as, the name, year of foundation, number of members, tax registration number (AΦΜ), the various nationalities the entity addresses, activity areas, etc.
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