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Mitarachi: Need for more solidarity to the first reception countries by EU, on migration

Notis Mitarachi’s speech at the Internal Affairs Council of the European Union, in Luxembourg

The Minister of Migration and Asylum, Mr. Notis Mitarachi attended at the Justice and Home Affairs Council of the European Union in Luxembourg.  

Mr. Mitarachi and the other Ministers exchanged their views on the Migration and its implications within the European Union, with the Greek Minister of Migration and Asylum pointing out that Russia's war against Ukraine sharply increased flows in Central Europe. 

The Minister for Migration and Asylum has also lined up for a more intensive effort to show as much solidarity as possible to the first-reception countries. In addition, he indicated that Greece supports the idea of a Common European Area of Protection, in which recognized refugees should have the right to move and settle freely. 

"Our position is that the solidarity mechanism should be legally binding, predictable and include legal assurances that the solidarity needs as expressed by the member states will be adequately addressed," the Greek Minister pointed out. 

At the same time, Mr. Mitarachi set two clear objectives to solve the problem of solidarity, which is, the reduction of the overall migratory pressure from Turkey and, the offer of immediate, tangible, effective solidarity to the member states in need. 

"I am sad to say, that we had predicted such outcome. Therefore, we must achieve two objectives: To reduce the overall migratory pressure οn the Union, and to deliver direct, tangible, effective solidarity to the Member States in need,"commented Mr. Mitarachi.  

Mr. Mitarachi concluded emphasizing the importance of the role of Greece in the refugee crisis of Ukraine, saying that it is able to upgrade the reception capacities, taking into account both the case of a sharp increase in flows and the weather conditions. 

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