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Financial aid prerequisites for applicants of International Protection

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  • Οι φορείς που θα υποστηρίξουν την διαδικασία καταγραφής και παραπομπής σε θέση στέγασης του Υπουργείου είναι η οργάνωση “CRS” και οι υπόλοιποι φορείς παραπομπής στέγασης που δραστηριοποιούνται ήδη σε αυτόν τον τομέα.
  • The actors who will support the registration procedure and referral to accommodation site of the Ministry is the organization CRS and the rest of the actors of referral to accommodation site who are already operating in this field.
  • Les organisations qui soutiendront la procédure d’enregistrement et référence  au site d’ hébergement du Ministère est l’ organisationCRS ainsi que le reste des organisations de référence au site d’ hébergement qui opèrent déjà dans ce domaine.
  • بازیگرانی که از روند  ثبت نام و مراجعه به سایت محل اسکان  وزارت را پشتیبانی می کنند سازمان CRS است و متباقی  بازیگران ارجاع به سایت اسکان که قبلاً در این زمینه فعالیت می کردند.
  • الجهات التي ستدعم إجراءات التسجيل والإحالة إلى موقع الإقامة التابع للوزارة هي منظمة “CRS”   وبقية هيئات الإحالة النشطة الذين يعملون بالفعل في هذا المجال.

Πατήστε εδώ για να βρείτε τα τηλέφωνα υποστήριξης της CRS ανά γλώσσα επικοινωνίας

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As of 1/7/2021, the payment of financial assistance to applicants seeking international protection will require the certification of their physical presence on a monthly basis, which is issued by services and partners of the Reception & Identification Service of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum, that operate accommodation facilities (Open Accommodation Facilities of the Reception and Identification Center, ESTIA program, or partner institutions operating hostels).

Therefore, asylum seekers who receive the financial assistance and are not housed in accordance with the above, can apply and be referred to specific accommodation facilities.

Applications are accepted exclusively through the dedicated referral platform of the ESTIA program.

ATTENTION: The request cannot be submitted directly by applicants of international protection (the concerned persons), but through registered referral bodies that are registered on the special referral platform ( Referral bodies can be any legal entity under public or private law that can serve the interested parties in a language they understand (for example: Migrant Integration Centers, social services of local authorities if they have interpretation services, Centers of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), International Organizations, ESTIA partners implementing the ESTIA program).

If the above mentioned organizations, are not already registered on the dedicated platform, they can register with a simple procedure by clicking on:

In order to submit a housing request, the referring organization will be asked to provide the details of the interested parties (applicants of international protection), including their family status and any other information deemed necessary in order for the Ministry of Migration and Asylum to identify a suitable housing location. It is very important that applicants of international protection provide the referral body with up-to-date contact details (telephone and e-mail).

The referral body will receive a notification as soon as an applicant of international protection is matched to a housing place in order to inform the applicant. The accommodation offered can be either in an Open Accommodation Facility or in the accommodation program ESTIA 2021. The place of current residence of the person concerned will be taken into account, however it is very likely that the place offered will be in a different geographical region.

Applicants should be aware that it is possible that they may be asked to move in with other beneficiaries. In this case, it will already have been ensured that their marital status, nationality and language of communication will be compatible with the corresponding characteristics of their flat-mates. If the persons concerned have already submitted a housing application in the past, they do not need to do so again. The Ministry has the file and is already processing it. 

In the above case, they do however, need to inform the agency that made the housing request on their behalf, of any changes in their contact details, and/or marital status.

All persons with the legal status of an applicant for international protection (i.e. those who have not received a final decision on their application for international protection) will be assigned to an appropriate housing place and will continue to be provided with all the material that the reception conditions provide for.

General Secretariat for Reception of Asylum Seekers

Reception and Identification Service

Directorate of Support


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