RIC Malakasa

The Reception and Identification Center (RIC) will begin its operation in September 2022 in Malakasa Attiki.

Interpreters are available to assist with the communication between the staff and the residents.

Clothes and shoes are provided to residents.

Personal hygiene items and bed linen are supplied on a regular basis and according to daily needs.

The facilities include entertainment rooms that are available to the residents all day.

Pre-prepared meals are offered three (3) times a day.

Laundry areas are available which include washing machines and dryers.

Residents that have small children can use the appliances in the entertainment areas in order to prepare meals for their children.

  • Reception area for visitors of the Center
  • Primary medical care and medical exams are provided by the Medical Unit of the Center.
  • Offices that provide administrative services to the residents.
  • Especially designed accommodation facilities.
  • Especially designed entertainment areas.
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