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Material Reception Conditions

According to articles 1 and 59 of Law 4939/2022, the Reception and Identification Service, as the responsible authority for reception, in cooperation with competent state actors, international organizations and certified civil society actors ensures the provision of reception conditions to asylum applicants, through national, EU or other funding sources. Material reception conditions include the provision of accommodation (provided only in kind), food (in kind) and cash assistance to cover the needs of clothing, hygiene items, communication, school supplies, non-prescribed medication, and urban transportation. Material reception conditions are provided in order to ensure a sufficient standard of living with respect to human dignity.   

It should be noted that applicants are also entitled to access to the national health system, and, under certain conditions, the labour market. Minors are required to enroll in the compulsory primary and secondary education, of the public education system, while adults have the right to access secondary education. Special conditions are provided for vulnerable persons.

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