Emergency assistance for the effective management of immigration flows in the Greek Territory


Reception and Identification Service (RIS) as the coordinator body of the action, implemented the Project entitled: "Emergency assistance for the effective management of immigration flows in the Greek Territory".

The Project was funded by the Emergency Assistance of the Internal Security Fund in its total (100%), according to the signed Grant Agreement (Grant Agreement Νumber HOME/2016/ISFB/AG/EMAS/0026, ABAC NUMBER: 30-CE-0816027/00-21). The budget of the program has amounted to € 7.278.995,18.

The duration of the program was seventeen (17) months, with the starting date defined to be the 1st August 2016 and according to the program amendments, the project has been completed on the 31st December 2017.

The co-beneficiaries of the Program were the Non-Governmental Organizations: "Medical Intervention (", "Medicines du Monde-Greece", "Metadrasi-Action for Immigration and Development”, “Praksis” and “International Organization for Migration (IOM)”.

Through the implementation of that Project, TCNs were recipients of registration, briefing and interpretation services, as well as medical and psychosocial services within the six (6) Reception and Identification Centers (RICs), at Fylakio-Orestiada and at the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos.

In general, that Project contributed significantly to RIS’ mission which is the effective management of migration flows.

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