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Comment by the Press Office of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum

“The 38 migrants of Evros were outside Greek territory", confirms the NGO HumanRights360 - Will the usually talkative SYRIZA comment?  

As new evidence clearly challenges the narrative about the existence of a dead child in Evros, the NGO HumanRights360, which had filed the appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, to their credit now confirm the Government's opinion that the incident with the 38 migrants occurred outside Greek Territory.  

All those who took advantage of the incident for their own benefit by spreading fake news in the international and domestic media, are now irreparably exposed. It’s worth reminding that it was SYRIZA MEP’s who filed the case, defaming the country without concrete evidence. 

The Government's firm position is validated once more: smugglers and well-wishers are trying to bypass the borders of the European Union, by spreading fake news. Greece protects its borders and at the same time saves thousands of people by implementing a strict but fair migration policy.  

We are still waiting for the usually talkative SYRIZA to comment on the matter. 

Ιδού ο Έβρος…

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