The Ministry for Migration and Asylum undertakes the provision of financial aid to asylum seekers as of Friday, October 1 2021

The "financial assistance programme as a material reception condition for applicants for international protection", which has been implemented since 2017 by UNHCR with direct emergency funding from the European Union, will be taken over by the Ministry for Migration and Asylum from 1 October 2021.

The programme will continue to be funded by the EU and it is provided under the country's obligations under Directive 2013/33/EU on "the criteria for the reception of applicants for international protection".

With this transition and in combination with the implementation of the ESTIA housing programme undertaken by the Ministry since September 2020 (ESTIA II and after ESTIA 2021) - the country's relevant obligations to provide material conditions to asylum seekers are covered.

The Ministry for Migration and Asylum thanks the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for its cooperation so far and the European Commission for the funding.

The above transition of the programs from the international organizations to the Ministry for Migration and Asylum is an important step and constitutes part of the government's plan for full recovery of control in Migration.

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