Replacement of the papers issued to applicants of International Protection (triptych) by the new cards

The Asylum Service informs that as from Thursday 1.7.2021, new cards will be issued and granted to applicants for international protection that will replace the old (triptychs) whose validity expires on 30.06.2021 after the extension given according to art. 123 of the law 4790/2021 (Gazette 48/A/20121).   

The beneficiaries are kindly requested to search for the time, day and place of their scheduled appointment at the electronic address: by entering their case number.

For the observance of the protection measures by Covid 19 - the interested parties are requested to arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment. The use of protection mask within and outside the Asylum Offices is obligatory. 

It is reminded that the new Ιnternational Protection Applicants' Cards are in the form of smart cards that will replace the old ones (triptychs). They are issued with a built-in microprocessor and with electronic registration and renewal. They will also include a unique number (UID), which is not modifiable and is related to a fingerprint, while the competent authorities of issuance and issuance will keep an electronic file.

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