Contact Information Change

During the registration of your application, you will be requested to declare your address of residence and your contact information (landline or mobile telephone number, e-mail etc.) and also provide a document that proves your address of residence.

The Asylum Service will use that information in order to contact you regarding anything that is deemed as necessary throughout the examination of your application and notify you accordingly when necessary.

In case there is any change in your address of residence or telephone number, you will have to come to the competent Regional Asylum Service Office and notify the Service staff regarding your new contact information. Also, you may submit an online application for change of contact information.

In case the Asylum Service is not able to contact you based on the contact information you have declared (obligation of communication), your application will be rejected.

The change of address of residence is performed by submitting a relevant application, where the new contact information appears, to the local competent Regional Asylum service Office.

If you wish to correct or alter your identity details, like your name, your surname or your date of birth, you will have to submit a personal data change application and provide an original passport or an identity card that can verify the new details. This application may be submitted nline

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