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Change of Contact and Personal Information

When registering your application, you will be asked to provide your home address and other contact details (mobile or landline phone, e-mail, etc.) as well as a document proving your home address.

The Asylum Service will use this information to contact you for anything necessary during the examination of your application and to inform you accordingly.

If your home address or telephone number changes, you should report to the competent Regional Asylum Office and inform them of your new contact details. Also, for your convenience, you may file an online request for a change of contact details.

If the Asylum Service is unable to contact you using the information you have provided (obligation to contact), the examination of your application will be discontinued.

If you want to correct your identity details, such as your first name, surname, or date of birth, you will need to submit a request for a change of details and produce an original passport or identity card certifying the new details. This request can also be made online.

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