Subsequent Application

A Subsequent Application is an international protection that is re-submitted after a final rejection was decided by the Police or the Asylum Service or the Appeals authority or after withdrawal of your previous international protection application. In order to lodge a subsequent international protection application to the Asylum Service, you must have first received a final decision of rejection by the Hellenic Police or the Asylum Service and you must have new reasons to request to be granted international protection (asylum).

You will have to submit your subsequent application to the Regional Asylum Office or Autonomous Asylum Unit that is located nearest to your place of residence and submit the new evidence that emerged. You will not be granted an international protection applicant’s card upon submitting your subsequent application.

The Asylum Service will examine the new evidence that you submitted and decide whether they are of importance regarding your international protection application. You will be granted an international protection applicant’s card and the examination of your application will be continued only if your subsequent application is judged as admissible.

If the Asylum Service rejects your subsequent application, you may submit an appeal before the Appeals Authority within the deadline mentioned in the decision you received.

In case you submit a second subsequent application, you are not protected from being deported/returned during the stage of its examination.

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