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Free movement and residence of EU citizens and family members

Free movement and residence of EU citizens and family members

According to Article 21(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, every EU citizen has the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the EU, subject to the limitations and conditions laid down in the Treaties and by the measures adopted to give them effect.

EU citizens are entitled to reside in Greece for 3 months; the only condition is that they must be in possession of a valid ID card or passport.

EU citizens may remain for longer than 3 months if:

  • they are employed or self-employed in Greece;

  • they are students or are in vocational training or are unemployed, provided they have sufficient funds and health insurance;

  • they are family members, regardless of nationality.

Administrative formalities relating to the residence of EU citizens fall within

the remit of the Ministry of Citizen Protection

The information regarding  administrative formalities (in Greek, Presidential Decree 106/2007) also applies to citizens of Member States of the European Economic Area (Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland) and of the Swiss Confederation.

Information regarding administrative formalities for family members of EU citizens here .

Last update (February 2021)

Residence of third country citizens who are family members of EU citizens

Third-country nationals who are family members of an EU citizen must submit an application for a residence document within 3 months of arrival. The application is submitted to the immigration authority of their place of residence

The applicant must produce an ID card or valid travel document. The application must be accompanied by proof of payment of the fee of EUR 16 for printing an e-residence permit (code 2119).

If the supporting documents are complete, the interested party will receive immediate acknowledgement of receipt of the supporting documents required for a residence card (blue confirmation letter).

Provided there are no objections on grounds of public policy, security or public health, a decision granting a residence card to the EU citizen's family members will be adopted within 6 months of the date of receipt of the application and all the necessary supporting documents..

The decision will include the name of the court or judicial authority to which the applicant can appeal and the deadline for an appeal (Article 24 of the PD 106/2007). If the application is refused, a deadline is set (usually no less than 1 month from the date of notification of the decision) by which the third country citizen must leave Greece.

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