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Regulations of Operation - R.I.C. and Facilities (Camps-Domes) and other information

Guide for Reception and Identification Centers

The following video is a guide that explains reception and identification procedures for those that enter the country without the legal requirements. It also presents  the rights and obligations when entering and staying in RIC.

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Regulations of Operation – Reception and Identification Centers (R.I.C.)

They refer to the operation of the Reception and Identification Centers (R.I.C.) as well as the operation the Mobile Reception and Identification Centers. They describe in detail the processes of reception and identification, the rights and obligations of third-country nationals as well as the general rules of living in Reception and Identification Centers.

Regulations of Operation -Facilities (Domes)

They refer to the operation of the Facilities (Domes) as well as the operation of the Open Facilities of Temporary Reception. They describe rules of conduct with regards to staying in these facilities, entering and leaving, as well as the obligations of personnel and guests. Further, the regulation ensures quality standards are met in terms of operation and services.

The above regulations may be found in the following link:

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