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Η Κλειστή Ελεγχόμενη Δομή στην Κω αναπτύσσεται σε έκταση περίπου 90 στρεμμάτων, στην τοποθεσία του πρώην στρατοπέδου «Μακρυγιάννη», εκατέρωθεν της υπάρχουσας δομής.

The ονομαστική χωρητικότητα (μαζί με τις εγκαταστάσεις του ΠΡΟΚΕΚΑ) ανέρχεται σε 2.923 θέσεις φιλοξενίας, η οποία αναλύεται ως ακολούθως:

  • 816 θέσεις (παλαιές εγκαταστάσεις)
  • 960 θέσεις (γενικός πληθυσμός)
  • 100 θέσεις (ασυνόδευτα ανήλικα)
  • 480 θέσεις (ευάλωτες ομάδες, μονογονεϊκές οικογένειες, γυναίκες)
  • 567 θέσεις (επέκταση ΠΡΟΚΕΚΑ)

It contains all the modern technical and functional infrastructure that makes it a safe, controlled access facility, with upgraded living conditions for its residents and advanced working facilities for its staff.

Ο προϋπολογισμός κατασκευής είναι περίπου 33,64 εκ. ευρώ πλέον ΦΠΑ 17% (σύνολο 39,36 εκ. ευρώ) και χρηματοδοτήθηκε 100% από την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση– Ταμείο Ασύλου, Μετανάστευσης και Ένταξης/ Επείγουσα Βοήθεια.

The whole new closed controlled center is surrounded by a double NATO-type security fence, which in combination with the installation at the entrance of the necessary control systems, such as turnstiles, magnetic gates, x-rays, two-factor access control system (identity and fingerprint), ensures secure and controlled entry and exit from the access center to whoever is entitled to it.

In addition, the installation of Closed Surveillance System (CCTV), uses "smart" software in order to warn in time for any emergency events, while it has the ability to give notifications and images to the Local Event Center, at the Control Center in Athens and at the Control Centers of other institutions (eg Hellenic Police).

Tourniquets with card readers have been placed in the separate sections of the new closed controlled access center for the protection of the employees and the vulnerable groups, such as unaccompanied children and single parent families.

The accommodation spaces are developed in 8,900 sq.m. and are divided into separate, distinct zones, while consisting of 6 two-storey residential buildings sized 1,000 sq.m. with a capacity of 240 persons per building, 5 ground floor residential buildings sized 500 sq.m. with a capacity of 120 persons per building, and 1 ground floor residential building sized 400 sq.m. with a capacity of 100 persons. The positioning of the asylum seekers will be based on ethnic and social criteria (families, people with mobility disabilities, serious health problems, pregnant women).

The following spaces will operate in the new Closed Controlled Access Center:

  • Accommodation spaces divided into separate zones (6 two-storey residential buildings sized 1.000 sq.m., and 1 ground floor of 400 sq.m., with a total capacity of 1.540 persons),
  • Χώρος Διαμονής ΠΡΟΚΕΚΑ (5 ισόγεια κτίρια διαμονής των 500 τ.μ. έκαστο, συνολικής δυναμικότητας 567 θέσεων),
  • Sanitary facilities (4 containers and 3 ground floor buildings with a total space of 760 sq.m.),
  • Administration spaces (6 container and 4 ground floor buildings, with a total space of 955 sq.m.),
  • Security areas (2 ground floor buildings, with a total space of 340 sq.m.),
  • Maintenance and storage spaces (1 ground floor building, sized 170 sq.m.),
  • Leisure and creativity areas (11 containers, with a total space of 550 sq.m.),
  • Computer room (1 container 50 sq.m.)
  • Restaurants (6 ground floor buildings, with a total space of 2.900 sq.m.)
  • Χώροι καταστημάτων (συνολικής επιφάνειας 300 τ.μ.),
  • Χώροι πλυντηρίων – κουζίνας (συνολικής επιφάνειας 500 τ.μ.),
  • Event areas (2 ground floor buildings, total area 250 sq.m.)
  • 2 playgrounds,
  • 3 sports courts,
  • Parking lot,
  • 5 ground floor buildings for people with mobility problems (disabled) with a total area of 125 sq.m.

The buildings are either metal constructions with aluminum carrier, or prefabricated containers with complete hotel and office equipment.

An asphalt road has been constructed for the smooth movement around and between the units of the Closed Controlled Access Center.

All the necessary electromechanical systems for safe and uninterrupted operation of the new Closed Controlled Access Center have been installed, such as:

  • Σύστημα πυρασφάλειας με μόνιμο υδροδοτικό συγκρότημα, sprinklers
  • Emergency power generators to ensure the power supply of the Closed Controlled Access Center
  • Pumping complex for the connection to the network of the municipality of Kos
  • Drinking water treatment system
  • Energy saving with Heat Recovery Hot Water System with VRV type heat pumps
  • Air conditioning, heating-cooling with VRV type heat pumps & split type
  • Wi-Fi Internet access indoors and outdoors
  • Management and monitoring of operation of electromechanical equipment through BMS (Building Management System) automation system
  • Use of LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Biological treatment of third-degree level wastewater
  • Water saving by reusing the treated product of the biological treatment (gray water) in water tanks and irrigation

Για τη λειτουργία της Κλειστής Ελεγχόμενης Δομής Κω έχει προβλεφθεί η δημιουργία γραφειακής υποδομής για περίπου 270 θέσεις εργασίας.

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