Important Announcement - COVID-19 Measures

Services to the Public

We would like to inform you that for the protection of public health (Joint Ministry Decision 69136/2021) and starting November 6, 2021, the following are required in order to visit and receive service from any Service of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum (e.g. Asylum Service, Migration Services, Appeals Authority, etc.):

a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or COVID-19 infection
b. a negative molecular test (PCR) for COVID-19 performed up to 72 hours or rapid test performed up to 48 hours (for the unvaccinated)

Minors 4 to 17 years of age alternatively can submit a statement of a negative self-diagnostic test (self-test) up to 24 hours.

Those who live in the facilities of the Reception and Identification Service, in the islands and in the mainland of the country are exempt from the above.


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Viber Community

 Viber Community for Issues of Migration and Asylum

The Ministry of Migration and asylum has created a Viber Community in order to provide accurate and timely information regarding issues of migration and asylum. Please click on the following link, or scan the QR code in order to connect: