This service is offered exclusively to recognized refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection.

The Directorate of Social Integration of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum has created the service “Help Desk for Social Integration” in order to respond to social integration-related questions and queriesof beneficiaries of international protection, such as Greek language courses, job counseling, housing, issuing Tax Identification Number (ΑΦΜ, Social Security Number (AMKA) and so on.

  • which fall within the competences of the Directorate of Social Integration.
  • It provides directions and instructions as needed.
  • If your question is outside the scope of competence of the Directorate of Social Integration: a) your question will be forwarded to the competent office of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum, b) you will be referred to relevant websites of competent bodies.
  • You have to complete in Greek or English all the fields of the following form. Type your question and press "submit."
  • The service responds promptly to questions that fall within its scope of competency.
  • If your question is outside the scope of the Directorate of Social Integration it will be forwarded to another department or service of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum.
  • You will receive the reply either in Greek or English.
  • The social integration project “HELIOS," which facilitates the gradual and balanced integration of beneficiaries of international protection in Greek society. It offers services that help increase beneficiaries’ prospects towards self-reliance, such as accommodation support and integration-related courses (e.g., Greek language, development of professional skills, etc.). It also offers services that support job readiness. Further, the project helps raise awareness in local communities and promotes social cohesion.
  • The Migrant Integration Centers (M.I.C.) that function as branches of Communities Centers of Municipalities and offer courses in Greek language, computers, job counseling and other areas. At present, there are eleven (11) Migrant Integration Centers (M.I.C.) in Greece.
  • The rights and obligations of beneficiaries of international protection in Greece.

Please complete the following form in Greek or English and send your question:

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