Unaccompanied minors

If you are an unaccompanied minor, that is, under 18 years of age and you are not accompanied by an adult person who has responsibility for your care according to the Greek Law, then the competent authorities such as the Reception and Identification Service and the Greek Police will have to notify immediately the competent Public Prosecutor for Minors. The Public Prosecutor for Minors will ensure that a guardian or representative is appointed for your care. If you are accompanied by an adult relative with whom you feel safe, he/she may be assigned for your care.

The General Secretariat for Vulnerable Persons & Institutional Protection of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum in collaboration with the competent Public Prosecutor will appoint a guardian or representative who is going to assist you in order to submit an international protection application and will care for your accommodation and welfare. This person will have the required knowledge and experience so as to practice his/her duties in a way that ensures your best interest This person will have the required knowledge and experience so as to practice his/her duties in a way that ensures your best interest.

In case you are under fifteen (15) years old, your international protection application must be submitted by the guardian or representative appointed to you. In case you are above fifteen (15) years old, you may submit your application yourself.

The Asylum Service is going to set a date for your interview appointment and you are going to receive your international protection applicant’s card which allows you to stay in Greece. You must renew your applicant’s card before the expiration date mentioned on the card and not miss your international protection interview appointment.

You will be informed regarding your interview by your guardian or representative. Your guardian or representative will be invited, accompany you at your interview and ensure that you are provided with legal assistance during the procedure of your international protection application, if needed.

The Authorities may perform medical examinations in order to determine your age. You and your guardian must be informed regarding this procedure, and you or your guardian must agree to it.

The General Secretariat for Vulnerable Persons & Institutional Protection will ensure that you stay in special accommodation centers for minors or other accommodation facilities suitable for minors or with a family that will be assigned your care. If you have siblings, you can stay with your siblings, taking into account your best interest. The accommodation centers have many rooms and can accommodate up to 40 children. Boys and girls are placed in separate buildings if they are above 12 years of age. If you are sixteen or above you may stay in supervised apartments with other three (3) minors until you become an adult. If you have relatives, the Reception and Identification Center in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Vulnerable Persons & Institutional Protection can make provisions, if you wish, so you can stay with your relatives.

If you currently do not have a safe place to stay, please call the hotline of the National Emergency Response Mechanism, which will find a place for your to stay in a special facility for minors. The telephone line is available six (6) days a week (Monday through Friday, 08.00 -22.00 and Saturday 11.00 -19.00) and the numbers via WhatsApp or Viber are: 0030-2132128888 and 0030-6942773030.

When you receive your applicant’s card you will also be given a Provisional Insurance and Health Care Number which provides you with access to the public health system of the country. You will also receive a Tax Registration Number (AFM) that enables you to participate in vocational trainings, find a job, open a bank account and have access to other benefits (provided all the legal requirements are met).

All children must attend school and finish all levels of the national educational system in Greece at least until they reach sixteen (16) years of age. Your guardian or representative will help you enroll in school.

If you wish so, the General Secretariat for Vulnerable Persons & Institutional Protection will try to locate members of your family in collaboration with the competent authorities, international organizations, and your guardian or representative.

If a member of your family is legally present in another member-state in Europe that is part of the “Dublin III” Regulation, then, according to the law, you may ask the Asylum Service to be transferred to that member-state. In this case, your application for international protection will be examined in the member-state your relative is legally present.

I am under 18 and seeking asylum in Greece

The Asylum Procedure for Unaccompanied Minors

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