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After the Application

The case-handler will make a decision upon your claim after taking into account your statements during your personal interview, the evidence you have submitted in order to justify you case, information in relevance with your country of origin and all the elements included in your administrative file.

After your interview, the Asylum Service will decide whether you will be granted the Refugee Status or the Subsidiary Protection Status, or whether your application will be rejected.

If your application for intenational protection is rejected, a decision for your return will be issued.

The decision document that will be sent to you will be accompanied by an additional document that will explain, in a language that you comprehend and in a manner that is simple and easy to comprehend, the contents and the consequences of the decision.

You may receive your decision either in person or through a letter that will be posted to you (or your lawyer) by registered mail or via email.

You have the option to return to your country of origin through the voluntary repatriation program of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

While its examination is still pending, you may withdraw your asylum application..

The International Protection Applicant’s Card

Upon the registration (submission) of your application, you will receive your International Protection Applicant’s Card (IPAP), which will be valid for a time period that may vary from thirty (30) days to one (1) year, depending on the procedure that will be followed for the examination of your case. Your International Protection Applicant’s Card will allow you to stay in Greece until the examination of your claim is completed. If you receive a negative decision (rejection) regarding your claim, your card will no more be valid.

The card may be issued, in a card format, through an online registration and renewal procedure.

You must maintain this card in a good condition and carry it with you at all times, as it proves that you have submitted an international protection application.

The international protection applicant’s card is a temporary permit that entails specific rights and obligations and is not equivalent to a permit of residence.

A card is not given to persons who are in detention, persons who are undergoing the Reception and Identification procedures or persons who submit a subsequent application, until the admissibility of their subsequent application is judged upon

In addition to your personal information, the card will show the date your application was submitted, the issue and expiration date of your card and Provisional Insurance and Health Care Number.

You must carry the original card with you, especially during all transactions with the Asylum Service and particularly on the day of your interview. A photocopy will not be accepted.

If you have not yet received a decision upon your claim by the expiry date of your card, you must renew your card.

In order to renew your card, you need to present the old card.

The deadline that applies when you renew your card is until the next day after its expiry date. If you fail to renew your card by the next day after its expiry date, your card will cease to be valid and your case will be discontinued..

If it is not possible for the asylum Service to renew your card due to technical reasons or other reasons concerning the operation of the Asylum Service, the Asylum Service will post an online announcement in order to inform the public accordingly. In such a case, your card will be automatically renewed.

Card loss declaration:

In case your card is misplaced or stolen, you may request to be issued a new card by the Asylum Service.

The Asylum Service will give you a certificate, where your card number will appear, certifying that you have submitted an international protection application.

You will need to take this document to the Hellenic Police, where you will submit a declaration of loss of the card.

After you obtain an authenticated copy of the declaration of loss, you will have to bring it to the Asylum Service and submit an application for the issuance of a new card. A new card will not be issued until a time period of at least two months has passed.

Rights and Obligations

Rights of International Protection Applicants

As an international protection applicant in Greece, you have the following rights:

  • You have the right to remain in Greece until the examination of your application is completed; your deportation is prohibited until the examination of your application is completed.
  • You may move freely across the country, unless specific parts of the country where you are allowed to circulate are determined on the card that you were given, i.e. if geographical restrictions apply.
  • You have the right to be informed in a language that you understand regarding the status of your application, the deadlines of the different stages of the examination of your application, your right for appeal (second instance) and the decisions on your applications.
  • You have the right to an interpreter free of charge during your interview and at all stages of your application (first and second appeal).
  • You have ther right to return to your home country.
  • You have the right to communicate with the United Nations Refugee Agency or any other certified organization that offers legal, medical and psychological aid.
  • If you are not employed and you don’t have sufficient financial means you can request financial aid. Further, you may request to be accommodated to Hosting Facilities or other accommodation facilities (private housing or hotels). Your request will be accepted if there are available positions.
  • You have the right to be accommodated with your family.
  • You have the right to work under the conditions set by the Greek law, after the lapse of six (6) months from the date of submission of the application for international protection, and provided you have an International Protection Applicant Card.
  • In order to have access to the job market, you will be provided with a Tax Registration Number (AFM) 
  • As an employee, you have the same rights and obligations, regarding social security, as any Greek citizen.
  • In order to have access to medical, pharmaceutical and hospital care, you will be provided with a Provisional Insurance and Healthcare Number (PAAYPA)
  • Your children have access to public education, free of charge.
  • If you are an adult you have the right to access secondary education.
  • You have access to vocational training.

Obligations of applicants for international protection

As an international protection applicant in Greece, you have the following obligations:

  • The international protection applicant’s card is a temporary permit that entails specific rights and obligations and is not equivalent to a permit of residence. You must always have your card with you.
  • You may not travel outside Greece –with the exception of special circumstances, when serious humanitarian reasons arise dictating your presence in another country, such as provably serious health reasons. You will need to submit an application to the Asylum Service for a travel document to be issued. If you leave the country without informing the Asylum Service, the examination of your application will be discontinued.
  • You must remain in Greece until the examination of your application is completed.
  • You may not transfer your family from your country of origin to Greece.
  • You must cooperate with the Greek Authorities regarding any issue relevant to your application and the verification of your identity information.
  • You must appear before the Receiving Authorities in person and without delay, whenever called by the competent authorities.
  • You must hand in your travel document and provide any other documents in your possession that are relevant to the examination of the application, as well as to the verification of your identity, your country and place of origin, and your marital status.
  • You must immediately inform the Asylum Service regarding the address of your residence and your contact information, as well as as any change in them. You may also submit an online application in order to make changes in your contact information. The Asylum Service will send documents related to your application to the address you have declared.
  • You must abide by the deadlines determined to you throughout the various stages of the procedure for the examination of your application.
  • You must arrange for your card to be renewed in time before it expires, or on the working day following its expiry date at the latest.
  • You must disclose your true financial situation in case you are provided with benefits by the State.
  • If you reside in Reception and Identification Center, Hosting Facility or in any other type of accommodation you need to follow and abide with the regulations of their operation.
  • Your material benefits (e.g., financial aid, accommodation, etc.) will be limited or revoked in cases such as the following:
            • if you leave the accommodation premises without informing the competent authorities;
            • if you do not declare a a change in your personal information or do not respond to requests for information about your application, or do not appear for your personal interview within the specified date;
            • when, without a justified reason, you have not immediately submitted an application for international protection;
            • if you conceal financial resources and have benefited unfairly from the material conditions of reception;
            • if you violated the accommodation centers’ rules of procedure.
  • Violation of the required obligation of cooperation with the competent authorities, in particular, non-communication with the authorities and non-cooperation in order to establish the evidence necessary for the examination of the application, implies obstructing the unimpeded completion of the international protection application examination procedures and therefore leads to interruption of the examination of your application.
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