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The Greek states protects any alien or stateless individual who is in fear of persecution because of his/her race, religion, nationality, participation in a particular social group or his/her political beliefs, or because he/she is in danger of suffering serious harm in his/her country of origin or country of previous residence, especially because he/she is in danger of facing the death penalty or execution, torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or his/her life or physical integrity is in danger due to war.

You should submit your application for international protection to the Regional Asylum Offices or Asylum Units of the Asylum Service.

No. Access to international protection (asylum) procedure system is free of charge.

You may also submit applications for your family members, provided that they are in Greece with you and they wish to do so. They will also have to come along with you to the Asylum Service.

The case-handler will make a decision upon your claim after taking into account your statements during your personal interview, the evidence you have submitted in order to justify you case, information in relevance with your country of origin and all the elements included in your administrative file.

No, as an applicant of international protection you can not travel outside of Greece-with the exception of extraordinary circumstances such as serious health issues. In such cases you are obligated to apply for travel documents. If you leave the country without permission from the Asylum Service you will be denied international protection.

No. In all your administrative transactions, interpretation will be provided in your native language or in a language you understand.

You (or your authorized lawyer) would have to visit the Asylum Service offices in person. Information is not provided on the phone. We advise you to visit the Asylum Service offices before your international protection applicant ‘s card expires. During this visit you can also ask about the status of your application. The Asylum Service also offers eServices.



Yes. The fact that you entered Greece without lawful procedures will not influence the decision on your application. In this case you are obliged to stay in Reception and Identification Centers and you will submit your application for international protection to Asylum Service Units that operate within these Centers.
Yes. If you are under fifteen (15) years of age your parent or your appointed guardian must submit the application. If you are a unaccompanied minor, the commissioner or representative that has been appointed to protect your interests and welfare will submit your application on your behalf.

Yes. Your authorized lawyer, doctor, social worker or therapist/counsellor can be present in your personal interview to assist you.

Yes. As an applicant of international protection you can have access to health care by applying for a temporary healthcare number (Π.Α.Α.Υ.Π.Α.).

Yes. If you are granted refugee status (international protection) you may apply for travel documents (TDV). You may travel to countries of the European Union for up to ninety (90) days. These travel documents last for five (5) years and may be renewed if certain conditions are met.

Yes. The Asylum Service is obliged to protect the confidentiality of your personal information and not to disclose any information regarding your application to the authorities of your country of origin.

Laws 4686/2020 και 4636/2019 for international protection are avaialbe in Greek in the Asylum Service microsite.

With your applicant’s card you will be granted some temporary rights and benefits until a decision on your application is made. Individuals who are granted refugee status (international protection) in Greece have similar rights to Greek citizens.

You may file an appeal at the Appeals Authoritywithin the period specified in the official decision you received with regards to your application for international protection. If your appeal is rejected, the Greek authorities will initiate the process of your deportation.

In total, the examination of your application may last from twenty (20) days to six (6) months, depending on your personal case.

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