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Επίσκεψη Υπουργού Μετανάστευσης και Ασύλου στο προσωρινό ΚΥΤ Λέσβου

Visit of the Minister of Migration and Asylum to the Temporary RIC of Lesvos 

ΝΜitarachi The temporary camp in Mavrovouni bears no resemblance to Moria – It is a clean camp, a camp with order and security   

B. GminderEvery time I come here, the camp has changed, and it has grown, and it has improved, and it shows new features 

The Minister of Migration and Asylum, Mr. Notis Mitarachi, went to Lesvos today, where he carried out an on the spot inspection of the improvement works’ progress in the temporary RIC in Mavrovrouni, together with the Deputy General Manager of DG HOME, Ms. Beate Gminder, and the Secretary of Reception of Asylum Seekers, Mr. Manos Logothetis. 

After the visit, Mr. Mitarachi made the following statement: 

“We are in the temporary accommodation camp in Mavrovouni, together with the Deputy Director General of the European Commission, Ms. Beate Gminder. In a few weeks, we have a camp that bears no resemblance to the chaos of Moria. 

A clean camp, a camp with order and security. We have completed the studies with IGME for the quality of the soil, the flood protection works are completed, the winterization works are completed. We have achieved the medical “autonomy” of the camp in primary care, so that the local hospital of Mytilene is not burdened. 

Within a few days, in September, we managed to deal with the humanitarian crisis caused by the arson in Moria. In the coming months, we will move rapidly to a more permanent, closed controlled hospitality structure, in cooperation with the European Commission. A pilot program, which will ensure the best possible conditions for asylum seekers, but also, at the same time, maximum security for local communities “. 

The Deputy General Manager of DG HOME, Ms. Gminder, in turn, stated: 

“Every time I come here, the camp has changed, and it has grown, and it has improved, and it shows new features. This time, we have small showers built by people around their tents, new rub halls for families, and I think that it’s very good to see this improvement happening. We are trying to improve it further. We have agreed on a concrete plan how to winterize it. We are implementing it, the Ministry together with its partners. We are closely involved coordinating it and we help everyone to get this done on time”. 

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