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Respect and solidarity

Dear migrant, if you are in Lesvos, the only safe place for you and your family is in the new camp. There, the Greek State guarantees your safety and provides you with electricity, water, medical care, wifi etc. Inform only from the official authorities. Do not trust anyone else, they are using you.

Families, children and people who need medical attention, should not be sleeping on the street. Go to the new camp, there is electricity, water, wifi. Asylum interviews start immediately, in a few days you will know the decision. There is control on the portal. No weapons, no flammable materials, no knives.

Next Monday, September 21, the new tele-interviews for the asylum start, only for those who live in the new structure. In a few days you will know the decision.

The Greek state guarantees your security. Do not believe anyone else. Your life is safe only in the new structure. Register at the new camp. Families will stay together and safe. Food, electricity, water, wifi, doctors.

Those who tell you that the new camp is a prison, lie to you and take advantage of you. Only the Greek authorities are telling the truth. The new camp was built for your safety, to meet your needs.

The Greek government does not tolerate threats, acts of violence. The perpetrators of the fire in Moria will be punished.

Register at the new camp, only there you are safe. Do not believe anyone who threatens you and keeps you on the road. They have no power, they only exploit. The Greek government ensures your life and the lives of your friends.

Dear immigrant, protect your family. Come to the new camp that was built for your own safety, for your own protection, for the protection of your wife and children.

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