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In case you are granted the Refugee status by the Hellenic Republic, you are entitled to get a three-year residence permit,which will be valid for three (3) years, and, in case you wish to do so as a beneficiary, you may obtain a travel document issued by the Hellenic Republic, that will allow you to visit other EU countries for a time duration of up to ninety (90) days. The permit of residence for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection will be granted for one (1) year and is renewed for two (2) more years after re-examination. In the case of a beneficiary of subsidiary protection, the Greek authorities will issue you a travel document after you apply for it, only in case it is objectively impossible for you to obtain a travel document from the authorities of your country.

You have the right to have access to the job market, education, social welfare and medical care services. The Alien’s Temporary Social Security and Medical Care Number (P.A.A.Y.P.A.) will change to a Social Security Number (AMKA),which is the same that applies for Greek citizens. You gain access to social welfare benefits and medical care, under the same rules that pertain to Greek citizens.

In case you are granted refugee status, you have the right to apply for family reunification (conditions apply).

Also, you gain access to all levels of public education services and vocational training programs. You may proceed to the commencement of professional activities and self-employed business activities by starting your own business. As a recognized refugee, you have the right to family reunification with members of your immediate family who are in your country of origin or in a third country (conditions apply).  

As a beneficiary of international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection) you can apply for Greek citizenship. For more information regarding the procedure and the requirements to obtain Greek citizenship please refer to the competent government agency, the Ministry of Interior.

As a recognized refugee, it is your obligation to attend the appropriate social integration programs that are organized by the competent services.

According to the Greek Law, the status you were granted may be revoked or may not be renewed in certain cases, such as if the refugee status ceased to exist, e.g. in case you regained protection by your country of citizenship, in case you have forged or tampered with documents or evidence, if you pose a danger for the national security of the country or if you commit a serious criminal offense.

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